15 Creative Ways To Burn 150 Calories

15 Creative Ways To Burn 150 Calories

From taking the stairs to giving your walls in your house a facelift, are some creative ways to burn 150 calories without heading to the gym.

Below are some creative ways to burn 150 calories without heading to the gym. To keep it simple, these numbers are based on a 150-pound person. If you weigh more, it’ll take less time to burn 150 calories. If you weigh less, it’ll take longer.  

1. Look and Feel Fabulous Dahling! Spend 3 minutes brushing your teeth and tongue and don’t forget to floss and you’ll burn 9 calories. Iron your clothes instead of taking them to the dry cleaners (10 minutes = 26 calories). Take a little extra time in the shower to scrub and exfoliate (15 minutes = 72 calories). Then, pamper your locks by drying and curling them (15 minutes = 45 calories). Total calories burned: 151.

2. Knock ‘em Down: Head to the local bowling alley with a couple of friends for some Rock ’n’ Bowl fun. Just 45 minutes of bowling burns 155 calories. Dance to the beat of the rockin’ tunes in between turns and burn an additional 150 calories!

3. Perk Up Your Yard: Give the neighbors something to envy by planting some vibrant flowers and plants in your yard (24 minutes = 150 calories).

4. Become a World Traveler: Touring or traveling for about an hour eats up 150 calories. (Burn an extra 72 calories for just 30 minutes of packing your suitcase!)

5. Shop ‘til You Drop: Need groceries and new shoes? Find a shopping center that has it all, park far away and shop for 55 minutes. 

6. Give Your Walls a Facelift: Don’t pay a painter to paint your house. Pick a room and paint it yourself. In just 26 minutes, you’ll have sizzled nearly 150 calories.   

Close up of an arm painting a wall

7. Shuffle It Around: You don’t have to buy new furniture to spruce up your living room or bedroom. Take 20 minutes to rearrange the furniture to get a fresh look.  

8. Walk While You Talk: Rather than lounging on the couch or sitting at your desk while catching up with friends or doing work calls via cell phone, rack up additional steps by constantly walking while you talk! You’ll burn more calories, and keep yourself alert!

9. Clean 'til You’re Lean: Do the housework yourself, especially when it comes to windows, says Orsoni. “It will work your cardio, build your flexibility, and help develop healthy shoulder joints.” Forty-five minutes of moderate house cleaning will burn 150 calories. Pick up the pace to sizzle calories faster. 

10. Take the Stairs: On your lunch break, hike up and down the stairs for 15 minutes. Not only are you melting calories, but you’re building your cardio endurance and strengthening your legs. 

11. Buy a Jump Rope: Jump ropes aren’t just for kids and boxers. Just 15 minutes of moderate jumping can burn 150 calories. Bonus: you’ll build better balance and agility.

12. Become a Chef: Love the Food Network and are itching to try your skills in the kitchen? Do it. Impress your loved ones with a savory meal you spent 50 minutes preparing and cooking. Pick recipes that feature lean proteins, healthy fats, whole grains and lots of veggies. For ideas, visit our Nutrition & Recipes section!

13. Squat It Out: Every couple of hours, stand up and do squats. If you do a combined total of 11 minutes of squats each day, you'll burn 150 calories – and give your leg muscles and glutes a nice boost!  

14. Wash It Yourself: Skip the expensive car wash, grab a bucket and a sponge and give your car a bath for at least a half-hour. Your car will thank you. 

15. Be a Dog’s Best Friend: Dogs need exercise, too. Walk your dog for 30 minutes. Don’t have one? Walk a friend’s or neighbor’s dog!

close up with legs next to a dog on a leash