3 Ways To Get Your Nutrition on Track

3 Ways To Get Your Nutrition on Track

Amy Jo Palmquest, who has helped thousands of people with their nutrition goals, shares three areas in need of an overhaul.

Every day I talk with many different people from all walks of life who want help getting their nutrition on track. While listening to their individual stories and struggles, I do my best to evaluate what approach they need and customize a plan that will help them overcome what, up to this point, has often seemed like an impossible challenge for them. I have found, almost universally, that the majority of these people struggling with their food intake are in desperate need of an overhaul in THREE major areas. 


Willpower is not born but must be learned, developed, even refined, if you will, as you grow in any area of your life. Even those who already have excellent discipline can acquire more willpower when they are held accountable. People will inherently respond to accountability. Often a person just needs to know they are not in the “fight” alone. Get accountable to someone! 

Comfort Zone 

Starting a new nutrition regimen will require you to leave your comfort zone. Now, there is a delicate balance here. You don’t want to be unnecessarily uncomfortable. However, there is undoubtedly a need for people to be pushed and nudged towards behaviors that are conducive to meeting their health and fitness goals. How many of you know we are ALL creatures of comfort? Let’s step outside that comfort zone and begin to elicit real change in our lives! 


You ever hear the saying, “you don’t know what you don’t know?” Well, I have found this to be the No. 1 obstacle for people reaching their fitness goals. Sometimes, the most subtle change may be necessary to get people to achieve their nutritional objectives. Educate and invest in yourself. 

Bottom Line

I guarantee your nutrition and food choices will have more of an impact on your health and overall quality of life than any other singular variable. Not everyone can find the resources they need to get the nutrition help that can make all the difference! If you need help, stop by your local NUTRISHOP® store and speak with a caring and knowledgeable staff member who can help you get started on the right path today! 

– By Amy Jo Palmquest, NUTRISHOP® owner, personal trainer, nutrition coach, wife and mother of three. Learn more at www.AmyJoPalmquest.com.