Dragon Berry PUMP ACTION™ Lands at NUTRISHOP®

Dragon Berry PUMP ACTION™ Lands at NUTRISHOP®

Newest flavor addition of popular non-stim pre-workout formula now available at Nutrishop


HENDERSON, Nev., Nov. 8, 2021 - NUTRISHOP®, a national nutritional supplement retail franchise specializing in weight loss, wellness, sports nutrition, and more, is excited to announce that a new flavor of PUMP ACTION™ by WRKETHIC Supplements® is now available online and at Nutrishop locations across the United States. The new flavor, Dragon Berry, fuzes red raspberry with juicy plum for an explosion of deliciousness in a cutting-edge, stimulant-free, pre-workout formula.

“Just when I thought Pump Action couldn't get any better, the new Dragon Berry flavor was released,” said Jay Vicino, franchisee of the Mt. Juliet Nutrishop store in Tennessee. “I've been using this pre-workout for years now and love that the quality of this flavor matches the next-level ingredients.'

Pump Action is an advanced pre-workout formula with a straightforward and effective ingredient roster and zero stimulants. The ingredients include VASO6™ (300mg), Agmatine Sulfate as AGMASS™ (1,000mg), L-Citrulline Malate (6,000mg), and L-Taurine (1,000mg). Customers who love this product say they love it for the way they feel during their training.

“When I want to pump up the action during my intense weight-training workouts, I take Pump Action!” said Brandon Budlong, a sales associate from Tempe, AZ. “I love the new Dragon Berry Pump Action because it tastes so good and there’s nothing better than feeling a good pump while training hard.”

The fact that Pump Action is stimulant-free is a plus for many Nutrishop customers who don’t always want or need stimulants in their pre-workout formulas. (Those who prefer stimulants, however, can stack this product with their favorite thermogenic or high-stim pre-workout.)

“I’m a huge fan of low/non-stim pre workouts because I’ll either be working out in the evenings or just genuinely don’t want/need the caffeine sometimes,” said Grace Carrillo, a photographer and massage therapist from Dallas, Texas. “Pump Action is a great choice no matter if you train classic bodybuilding style or do a combo of strength/athletic style like me.”

The new Dragon Berry flavor joins Pineapple Mango and Green Apple Pump Action. This product can be used in conjunction with WRKETHIC Supplements Break the Mold or stacked with other products for even greater results.

“The new Dragon Berry Pump Action has an amazing taste that’s easy to add to any other pre-workout, especially MERK by Stance Supplements,” said Mike de Cardenas, franchisee of Nutrishop Alliance in Fort Worth, Texas. “We always have our customers stack Pump Action, MERK, Karbolyn, and Glycovex for amazing pumps and increased endurance.”

To learn more or purchase Dragon Berry Pump Action, visit NutrishopUSA.com or find a local store at NutrishopUSA.com/find-nutrishop.

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