Ebony Love's before and after photo of her body transformation journey so far.

How I Lost 152 Pounds

Ebony Love, 32, of Fort Worth, Texas has made incredible strides in her transformation journey to become the best, healthiest version of herself. At the start of the pandemic in 2020, she said she weighed over 300 lbs. Having time to herself because the world had shut down, she realized how unhealthy she had allowed herself to become. 

“My big ‘aha moment’ was when I was attempting to make a silent video on TikTok and could hear this labored breathing in the background. I realized the sound was coming from me,” Ebony said. “The fact that I was still struggling to breathe even while sitting was an eye-opener that I needed to make some changes. 

At the start of her journey in August 2020, she weighed 315 lbs with 65% body fat and wore a size 24/26. Today, she weighs 163 and has lost 27% body fat (and still counting). She now comfortably wears a 10/12 and is feeling better than ever. Helping her along the way are trainer Meagan Ward and the team at Nutrishop Alliance. We caught up with Ebony to find out more about her transformation journey. Here is what she had to say: 

What has been the most challenging obstacle you have faced during your transformation journey, and how did you overcome it?

The most challenging part for me has been asking for help and getting away from imposter syndrome. Getting healthy in general is hard, including learning how to eat healthy and properly fuel my body. But, the scariest parts (in the beginning) were walking into spaces where I felt I did not belong because of my looks. Walking into a nutrition shop filled with people who are built and look like the definition of fitness and then asking for assistance was intimidating. However, through the help and encouragement of my coach/trainer, Meagan Ward, and meeting the Nutrishop staff, who have always welcomed me with a smile, I have slowly been able to move past the discomfort.

How did you hear about Nutrishop? Or, why did you go there to seek help for your transformation?

My trainer, Meagan Ward, told me about Nutrishop and introduced me to them and my first supplement, BCAAs. After going in the first time for the challenge and seeing how well I was treated, I became a lifetime member and fan. The Nutrishop Alliance team has been one of my biggest cheering section from day one. In fact, when I walked into the shop, there were a few other people shopping around. I was immediately greeted and treated like the other athletes that were there. I have been to other nutrition places and was basically ignored or helped quickly and dismissed. But every time I walk into Nutrishop Alliance or Colleyville, I feel like a celebrity. The team notices my progress, talks to me about new supplements, allows me to sample, and are great at helping me put stacks together. 

How did your Nutrishop nutrition coach help you during your transformation journey? 

During my transformation journey, my Nutrishop nutrition coaches helped me by suggesting supplement pairing to help me reach my goals. For example, explaining the differences in the protein powder types, suggesting the right way to fuel, helping me figure out the best pre-workout for me (I’m obsessed with Thermovex), and walking me through my results from the InBody scanner. They always help celebrate my progress and suggest ways to refine it to get even better results next time.

How did the various transformation challenges and body composition analysis help you in your transformation journey? 

My first transformation challenge through Nutrishop was the New Year Transformation Challenge, a 12-week challenge that began in January 2021. Since then, I have also participated in the Summer Shredding, Hallow-ween, and am currently participating in the Back to School challenge. The challenges have kept me motivated in my journey. 

Using the InBody has been crucial to my success in weight loss. The InBody and challenges were more than just about the number on the scale. In fact, the raw scale number does not even matter. The challenges focus on fat loss and muscle gain, which means you physically cannot dehydrate or starve yourself to do well in the challenge. It was neat every other week to see my body composition change even if the scale number stayed the same. InBody allowed me to look at what was happening inside my body beyond just a number. I was very excited for my first weigh-in of the Back to School challenge to see after two years of hard work, I fell into the “average” category for my InBody score and hit 38% body fat. That may not be an accomplishment for many people, but, for me, it shows my hard work has paid off.

What supplement products did you take during your transformation and why? 

During my transformation journey, I have used BCAA complex, PRO7EIN Synthesis, Nature’s Fuel, and Thermovex (I swear by this stuff). Although I enjoy them all for different reasons, my favorite is Thermovex and I was super excited for the release of the Thermovex 150. Thermovex gives me energy for the entire day and makes my workouts more effective! I cannot go a day without Thermovex.

What was your meal plan like, and what did you like/not like about it? 

My first meal plan from Nutrishop came during the New Year Challenge and it was great. I sat down and worked one on one with the team and walked through food items I liked and didn’t like as they built the plan for me. Throughout the challenge, the meal plan was adjusted as needed.

Currently, I am following a meal plan that is designed by my trainer, but it includes the protein and other supplements from Nutrishop. My transformation journey has truly been a team effort. I am the definition of, “It takes a village.”

What does your workout regimen look like (example week)? 

I love my workout regimen. Right now, I am getting ready for my first bodybuilding show, the Summer Shredding Transformation division.

Currently, I am doing cardio five days a week and lifting four days a week.

  • Monday is leg day (quads and glutes)
  • Tuesday is back
  • Wednesday is cardio
  • Thursday is leg day (hamstrings and glutes)
  • Friday is upper (chest and arms)
  • Saturday is normally a rest day.

What advice would you give to others who want to experience their own transformation journey?

The best piece of advice I would give to others who want to experience their own transformation journey is, learn to be OK with being uncomfortable. The journey is not always going to be easy. However, there are a ton of people out there who want to support you, and you just have to let them. There is no way that I would have ever walked into a nutrition shop on my own, but I am so grateful that Meagan encouraged me to go. Nutrishop Alliance has been there every step of my journey. So find your people and take the first step.